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Proposition 1

Propositions 2 & 3

Resources for citizens regarding the proposed propositions on the ballot for voter consideration on April 5th, as presented at the first public meeting held by the City of Glenpool to share project details and receive public comment.

A second public meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016, at 6:30 PM at the Glenpool Conference Center, 12205 S Yukon Ave, Glenpool, OK 74033

Key initiatives are:

  • adding public safety personnel;
  • improving key public safety equipment and performing needed public safety capital improvements;
  • storm water management (drainage improvements);
  • infrastructure improvements (signalizations at key intersections on City streets, lane widening and improvements, widening and improving Warrior Road);
  • Radio Read Water Meter replacement program for residential meters; and Kendalwood Park playground improvements.


What are the extent of the proposed project that is expected to be done in Kendalwood Park? There are numerous neighborhood concerns with teenage loitering, drug use, and vandalism.
The Kendalwood Park project will include new playground equipment and re-grading of the park to ensure that storm water properly flows across the property. Currently the park can become inaccessible for several days following a rain event because the drainage does not work as it should. Additional police and fire personnel (through Proposition 3) would increase the opportunities for police patrol and presence in the park.

Can you explain in detail the Waste Water Treatment project? What will happen if not passed?
The wastewater treatment project is to design and license a mechanical wastewater treatment plant to allow for the city's continued growth. The current wastewater treatment facility will likely reach capacity at some point in the next ten to fifteen years, inhibiting the city's future growth. The plant, while designed and permitted, would not be constructed until the current facility reaches seventy five percent of capacity. The design and licensing processes for a mechanical plant can take several years to work through, which is why the City is planning ahead for its next wastewater treatment plant.

Are these projects being prioritized to address a case where we might run out of funds to complete all of the projects?
The City Council will prioritize the projects based on immediate needs and longer term planning.

Once voted upon, what time frame are these improvements slated to begin?
Some improvements or changes, such as the additional personnel supported by Proposition 3, would be implemented within a few months of passage. Other improvements will be executed in conjunction with the priority list the City Council determines.

What happens if more or less money is collected?
Monies collected under these propositions must be spent according to the listed uses. That means that money slated for public safety equipment (Proposition 2) for instance, cannot be used for other purposes. Money collected for infrastructure and economic development must be spent on those types of projects. If less funds are raised, fewer projects within the propositions will be completed. If more funds are raised, more projects OF THE SAME TYPE could be undertaken by future City Councils.

Who owns land Warrior Road is on?
Currently, the Glenpool School District owns the land. If Proposition 1 passes, the City will assume ownership of the street and undertake approximately $750,000 in improvements to it. It is undersized for the volume of traffic it serves. The School District is in favor of the City assuming ownership and long term maintenance, since the City has people and equipment to maintain the roadway and the School District does not.

Where will 3rd lane come from (i.e. sidewalk to the east or parking lot to the west) for a widened Warrior Road?
The first row of parking spaces west of the road will be used for the expansion.

With the widening of Warrior Road, will there be signalization onto 151st?
No, because signals are slated for Broadway and for Elwood, and those signals on either side of the outfall of Warrior Road onto 151st, once synchronized, will provide breaks in traffic so that turning movements onto 151st can be made safely and efficiently.